The women's brand for all sports.

We work with OEKO-TEX and recycled French materials.

Your feedback

Marina B.

It's so pleasant to wear and

makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy more!

Chloé S.

Super brand! The products are of excellent quality and the packaging is impeccable, well done AZ/AR. A great discovery thanks to the Choose teams! THANK YOU

Virginia T.

Great support, even for a small bustI used to prefer bras with shells, but I've changed my mind thanks to this bra! I'm totally won over and I prefer it to my bras with shellsBig love, thank you for this crazy quality!

Sonia T.

Very comfortable to wear. Highly recommended!

Sofia S.

Finally, leggings that hold in place and look great.

Laura Z.

Impeccable product: slim fit and sheer fabric that's great to wear! Perfect for outings at sea or as a day bodysuit!

An ethical production

Our products are made in Portugal in a small factory near Porto. The materials used are Italian, OEKO-TEX certified (without any harmful substances). We have also worked with upcycled and recycled materials.

French recycled materials
For all sports
OEKO-TEX® materials

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