COLOR SCULPT avec Julie Pujols !

COLOR SCULPT avec Julie Pujols !

At the beginning of October, we organised a Color Sculpt class with Julie Pujols for the launch of the outfit we co-designed with her.

Why a Color Sculpt class? It was an obvious choice with this raspberry coloured outfit, the name was perfect for it!

It was an opportunity to introduce the girls to the brand, the outfit and to talk about our co-creation with Julie.

The class was intense and was followed by a breakfast. The girls were able to chat with Julie. Not only about pilates, booty and perineum. But also about well-being, letting go and not feeling guilty when not doing sport. A girly, sweet and benevolent moment just like our favourite super coach Julie Pujols-Benoit!

Many thanks to Keeze for the loan of the space and to KIKOFF for the organisation!
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